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2009 Vision Cup Men's Doubles Tournament

09/26/2009 7:00 pm
09/26/2009 11:59 pm

September 26, 2009, Four Season's Tennis Club

Vision Cup Men's Double Sponsored by Dr. Robert Chu

  • WACTA Members only. Non member can still register and become member on tournament day (subject to WACTA's by-law)
  • Men's double, on combined level: 7.5, and 9.0+
  • Don't have a partner? Register as individual and we will try to pair you a partner
  • Registration fee is $15 per person, due at check in time on the tournament day
  • A dinner box will be served to each participant. Additional dinner box may be purchased at $5 each.

  • WACTA reserves the right to cancel or combine any groups due to insufficient registrations. Please note there is a $50 no-show fee. For any reasons, if you could not make it after registered yourself, please find a sub or notify tournament director before deadline. Please direct all questions to Tournament Director, Ms. Xiaohui Xu, at visioncup@wacta.org.

    To register, please submit your registration by clicking on the link below. You will receive a confirmation email immediately. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please contact tournament director XiaoHui Xu, at visioncup@wacta.org.

  • Registration closed on September 21th, 2009.

  • Applicants

  • Results

  • Division

    Men 7.5

    Men 9.0+


    Steven Tang [Steve] Dang Hoang [Dang]

    Guangyuan Hu [胡光远] Jameson Lee [Jameson李]

    2nd place

    Jim Liu [劉 建] Jianhe Zhang [Zhang Jianhe]

    John Lin [林 邦 夫] Feng Qian [錢 鋒]

    3rd place

    Alex Chu [Chu] Kevin Tong [譚]

    Ken Chen [陳 顯 川] James Liu [劉 君 哲]

    4th place

    Qingzhao Guo [郭 清 照] Wei Xu [Wei Xu]

    John Qu [屈 玉 江] Li Wang [王 利]

    Quarter Finalist
    (in no particular order)

    Robert Yen [嚴 哲 仁] Tommy Hwang [黃 安 民]
    Albert Siow [Albert Siow] Jerry Yi [Jerry]
    Ritchie Liu [劉俊甫] Chin-Ho Lien [連 錦 和]
    Michael Chen [Chen Xiaobing] George Shi [Shi Zhaohui]

    Patrick Dyche [Thai Tennis] Narin Pongsugree [Thai Tennis]
    Justin Yao [姚 綿 佳] Shujiang Wang [王 蜀 江]
    Len Tran [Len] Jason Wang [Jason]
    Georgy Duangmanee [Thai Tennis] Nick Srisawat [Thai Tennis]

    Vision Cup Men's Double <br>--Sponsored by Dr. Robert Chu

    2009 WACTA Scott Cup Singles Tournament

    08/15/2009 11:00 am
    08/16/2009 2:00 pm


    Women 3.0

    Women 3.5


    Emily Hwang [Jia-Ning]

    Emily Tong

    2nd place

    Lily Chai

    Natalie Cheng

    3rd place

    Lei Liu

    Zoe Tseng

    4th place

    Xihong Wang

    Linda Vo


    Men 3.0

    Men 3.5

    Men 4.0

    Men 4.5


    Yong Xun

    Minyuan Cai

    Stephen Hu


    2nd place

    Yi Cheng

    Ritchie Liu [Chunfu]

    Jim Liu

    Len Tran [Len]

    3rd place

    Samuel Lin [Yushuan]

    Steve Tang

    Luoan Hu

    Sean Cheng

    4th place

    michael hwang [chih-ho]

    Tommy Hwang [An-Ming]

    xiaofeng ou

    Frank Zhu

    2009 WACTA Summer Tennis/Family Camp Reports

    Group-A (WACTA combined rating above 9)
    Champion Runner Up
    Danny Cheung/Qian Feng (sub Gary Poon) Guang Yuan Hu/Elaina Rao
    Group-B (combined rating above 7)
    Champion Runner Up
    Gabriel Fan/Jonathan Lee Steven Hu/Ben Wang
    Group-C (combined rating above 5)
    Champion Runner Up 3rd Place 4th Place
    Tom Lin/Leo Lin Vincent Yang/Paul Yang Andy Xiao/Alexandria Wang Kyle Chiu/Marvin Feng


    Camp Pictures

    2009 WACTA Summer Ladder Tournament

    05/16/2009 7:00 pm
    08/08/2009 11:59 pm
    May 16, 2009 - August 8, 2009

    Once again, the 2009 WACTA Summer Ladder, will be proudly sponsored by Mr. John Lin, president of CapStar Commercial Realty. It will continue its previous name as the CapStar Summer Ladder. We will kick off CapStar Summer Ladder on Saturday, May 16th, 2009, and follow by two in-door competitions on Jun 13th, Jul 18th; and conclude with a final on Aug 8th. This event will take a maximum of 40 registered teams (all doubles, all 3.0+ skill levels, men, women, or mixed), which will be assigned with initial ranking and divided into 5 divisions. There will be four indoor tournaments held at the Four Seasons Tennis Club on above mentioned dates. Dinner boxes for players will be provided at each indoor tournament. In between the indoor tournaments, every team is encouraged to challenge other teams and accept as many challenges from other teams as possible. Please click here for the tournament rules.

    Registration fee is $60.00 per person. Please use the registration link and register online as soon as you can. The $60 registration fee is due when players arrive at the first indoor tournament on May 10th. The deadline for registration is May 10th, 2009. A registration of two players as a team has the priority over separate registrations of two individuals who need an assigned partner. The tournament is limited to WACTA members only. If you are currently not a WACTA member and wish to participate, please first register as a member at this website, and pay the membership at the tournament. For any further questions, please contact the Tournament Director Jeff Zhang, at capstarladder@wacta.org.

    To register, please submit your registration by clicking on the registation link below. You will receive a confirmation email immediately. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please contact tournament director Jeff Zhang, at capstarladder@wacta.org.

  • Registration closed on May 14th, 2009.

  • Applicants & Seeding

  • Result

  • Event Pictures

  • Rules&Format

  • Sponsored by CapStar


    這次聯誼是由華網及華府文化中心熱心贊助. 華網主辦。歡迎有興趣的中文學校組隊參加。比賽聯誼當天, 將由各個學校提供不同的拿手好菜,點心及飲料。華網主辦單位會提供主要晚餐及紀念品。 不管打球或看球賽,歡迎全家大小一同來參加。

    Junior Teams (J) Adult Teams (A)
    J1 - Hua Fu (John Huang/Tina Kao) A1 - Hua Fu (Robert Yen)
    J2 - Hope (Derek Lu/Frank Fang) A2 - Hope (Ken Chen)
    J3 - ECS (Steve Shih) A3 - ECS (Steve Shih)
    J4 - Tzu-Chi (Steven Ting) A4 - WACTA (Tony Yeh)
    *Junior clinic (Chris Lu)

  • Event Format/Schedule
  • Result (6/6/2009)
  • Chinese School Junior League
    Champion - Hope
    Nana Cheng, Jenny Liu, Vincent Ning, Allie Meng, Sean Cheng, Kevin Chen, Bill Qu, Jimmy Fang, Kevin Xie, Steven Hu
    Runner Up - ECS
    Kevin Hu, Eric Shih, Emily Hu, Tiffany Lee, Jackie Lin, Alex Chou, Alex Chang, Alex Chang, Kevin Tong, Emily Tong
    Chinese School Adult League
    Champion - Hope
    Ken Chen, Jiawei Ho, Jim Liu, Xiaofeng Ou, Hanwen Mao, Yan Cheng, Jeff Zhang, Peter Zhao, Xiaohui Xu, Mindy Cheng, Jie Shen
    Runner Up - ECS
    Simon Lin, Hsingwei Lee, Butterfly Hsu, June Hsu, Jack Lin, Shanna Lin, Wenbing Hsu, Eric Chen, Hsukwang Hwang, Dongmei Lee
    Social Adult Team
    Champion - WACTA
    Nora Lam, Tony Yeh, Gary Yeh, Ian Lin, Shingbong, Chen, Pin-Chao Yen, Jerry Kuo, Jenny Fang

    2009 WACTA Mixed Doubles Tournament

    05/30/2009 7:00 pm
    05/30/2009 11:59 pm
    May 30, 2009, Four Season's Tennis Club

    This year's Mixed Doubles event, proudly sponsored by TECRO & OCAC, is coming up right around the corner. We had very positive feedbacks for the new combined-level format we used last year, so we will adopt the same format for this year. There will be 4 groups, combined-level of 6.5, 7.5, 8.0 and 8.5+. We believe this should bring more flexibility and dynamics into the competition.

    The tournament is open to members only. If you like to compete but don't have a partner, you can register as an individual. The Tournament Director, Mr. Guan-Hwa Chen, will try to find you a partner, who can be another member from the pool of individual registration. A registration of two people as a team has priority over separate registrations of two individuals who need an assigned partner.

    Qualifications and rules are described in the tournament rules. To register, please submit your registration by clicking the registration link below. You will receive a confirmation email immediately. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please contact tournament director Mr. Guan-Hwa Chen by email.

    Registration deadline is May 24, 2009 and registration fee, $15 per person, is due when you check in the tournament on 5/30/2009. WACTA reserves the right to cancel or combine any groups due to insufficient registrations. Dinner boxes will be served. Additional dinner boxes, can be reserved at $5 each. Please direct all questions to Tournament Director, Mr. Guan-Hwa Chen, at mixed@wacta.org.

  • Registration closed on May 25, 2009.

  • Applicants

  • Schedule

  • Results

  • Level 8.5+
    Champion Runner up
    Geider Chen
    Alice Chen
    Jack Lin
    Shanna Lin
    Level 8.0
    Champion Runner up
    Mark Tsai
    Elizabeth Xian
    Erik Lee
    Ally Hu
    Level 7.5
    Champion Runner up 3rd Place 4th Place
    Jackie Lin
    Alex Chou
    Chloe Lu
    Chris Lu
    Jeff Zhang
    Xiaohui Xu
    Xihong Wang
    Patrick Estrella
    Level 6.5
    Champion Runner up 3rd Place 4th Place
    Kevin Tseng
    Zoe Tseng
    Yijun Wang
    Jingjing Hu

  • Event Pictures

  • P1040822

    2009 WACTA Tennis Family and Youth Camps Open for Registration

    Registration for WACTA Family Camp (6/25 -6/28) and Youth Camp (6/28 - 7/2) are now open. Early bird discount will end after 4/30.

    WACTA is very excited to hold Summer Family Camp at the Salisbury State University, Maryland. Whether you play tennis or not, there are a lot of activities for the whole family: golf outing, hiking, movie, bingo, cooking, swimming etc. The early bird discount will end on April 30th. In addition, WACTA Youth Camp, a new event added this year for kids 8-16, will follow the Family Camp. The forms are attached below. You can also find out sponsorship and scholarships opportunities and registration forms/details at our website, www.wactatennis.org.

    Please contact Li-Ping Hwang at liping.hwang@gmail.com for Family Camp registration. And contact Tina Cheng at mamacheng@yahoo.com for Youth Camp registration. Please direct all questions to camp director Tina Kao at 571.331.2926 or email tina_kao@yahoo.com

    Attached is a powerpoint presentation for those who does not read email.

    2009 WACTA Women Double Tournament and Social Night

    04/18/2009 7:00 pm
    04/18/2009 11:59 pm

    April 18, 2009
    We are holding WACTA 2008 Women's Doubles and Senior Doubles Tournament on April 18, 2009, at 7 pm in Four Season's Tennis Club. This is a two-tournament event.

    For Women's Double registration, please specify your combined competition level (for example, WACTA 6.5, 7.0, 8.5 etc.) and fill out the registration form online at www.wacta.org no later than COB Sunday 4/10. If you don't have a partner, you can still register and we will try to find you one. Please direct all questions to your tournament director Derek Lu at women@wacta.org.

    For Senior Double registration, male player 55+ and female player 50+ at all levels), please send your registration form to senior@wacta.org no later than COB Sunday 4/11 or contact directly with Tournament Director, Shing-Bong Chen at 703-980-3554. The format will be decided after registration is completed. If you don't have a partner, we will try to find you one. The tournament is more of a social game than a competitive tournament.

    Dinner box will be provided to all participants and it is included with the registration fee. Additional dinner box can be purchased for $5.

    As usual, both event are for members only. If you are interested in the event and qualify to be a WACTA member, you can register for the event, and fill out the registration at the tournament.


    Women's 8.0 Doubles
    Champion 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
    Xiaoyu Wang
    Yu Rao
    Xiaohui Xu
    Chisan Wai
    Hong Jiang
    Jinping Yang
    Emili Hu
    Jackie Lin
    Social Tennis Outstanding Performance
    Session 1 Session 2
    Steven Ting
    Stanley Ting
    Danny Cheung
    Yuhong Wen

    2009 WACTA Summer Tennis Youth Camp

    June 28 - July 2, 2009

    WACTA is very excited to hold this very first year of Summer Youth Camp which has been scheduled from Sunday, June 28st through Thursday, July 2th at the Salisbury State University, Maryland, followed by Family camp. Depends on number of participants, WACTA is provding the stipend/scholoship of $100.00 per camper once they complete the camp. The University is approximately 120 miles from Washington, DC, and about 30 miles from Ocean City and Rehoboth beach/outlet shopping mall. There are many amenities at the University campus, such as 10 outdoor tennis courts, basketball courts, a baseball diamond, volleyball courts, indoor tennis courts, and a swimming pool. There are many local areas of interests too. Click the attachement below for the registration form.

    2009 WACTA Family Camp

    June 25 - 28, 2009

    6/25 to 6/28/09 WACTA Family Camp, followed by WACTA Youth Camp 6/28 to 7/
    2/09. Salisbury University, MD.
    The details are being finalized. The Youth Camp is a new event we plan to add this year, and it will be in the similar format to the famous Nike camp, for kids that are 8 years old and above. It will feature all day tennis lessons from the tennis professionals, and all room and board will be included in the registration fee. WACTA will be sponsoring $100 to each participating kids, up to a certain limit, most likely in a first-come-first-serve fashion. Tina is currently collecting number of potential participants in order to determine whether we will be experimenting this new event. Please contact her by emailing tina_kao@yahoo.com if you are interested or have questions. Click here to download the registration form

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