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2013 Tennis Camp Program for Beginners

Thanks to continuing support from the Rho Psi Foundation Inc, WACTA is offering the 2013 Beginner Programs for the 10th consecutive year. This year, the qualified recipients (must be of age 0f 14 or younger) will receive $50 scholarship upon completion of at least one week of the tennis camp. The total number of recipients is limited to 24. (Each individual can receive the scholarship only once)...

2013 Summer Tennis Camp Program for Intermediate Players

Thanks to continuing support from the Rho Psi Foundation Inc., WACTA is offering the 2013 Intermediate Tennis Camp Program for the tenth consecutive year. This year, the qualified recipients (must be of ages 10 - 16) will receive $100 scholarship upon completion of at least one week of the summer camp. The total number of recipients is limited to 30. (Each individual can receive the scholarship only once).

Guidelines for WACTA Rating System

Guideline for WACTA rating system is established for the following purposes:

1. To reflect WACAT members’ ratings in a timely and accurate manner.

2. To have a fair seeding and competition in WACTA tournaments based on WACTA rating system.

2.1 Senior members (55 years old or up) have the right of applying minus 0.5 rating adjustment rule (from WACTA rating) when they participate WACTA tournaments.



大華府地區華人網球協會(簡稱「華網」)于2012年3月16日(周六) 晚七時在馬州洛克維爾新陶芳餐廳舉辦第22屆年會...

2013 WACTA Mixed Doubles Tournament

04/13/2013 7:00 pm
04/13/2013 11:59 pm
WACTA is hosting the 2013 Mixed Doubles Tournament on Saturday, April 13, 2013 at Four Seasons Tennis Club...

2013 Rho Psi Foundation Advanced Youth Tennis Scholarship

Request for Proposal
Chinese American Youth Tennis Program
The Beginner Program at Chinese School
Spring Semester, 2013

Background: Rho-Psi Foundation, Inc. provides funding to the Washington Area Chinese School for introducing and teaching tennis to Chinese youth who are new to the sport of tennis. Rho-Psi Foundation, Inc. asks WACTA working together to solicit interested Chinese schools in the Greater Washington DC areas to submit applications for funding.

Eligibility: Any registered Chinese school in the Greater Washington DC area is invited to apply for the grant. Each school can only apply for one grant for this proposal.

Grant Amount: Each chosen school will receive a grant in the amount of $400 for the Spring semester of 2013 calendar year. Ten (10) schools will be chosen. The funding can be used to pay for any expenses related to the program, such as fee for the coaches; purchases of tennis balls, rackets, and other training equipment.

Requirements: Formal tennis instructor for beginners is required. A minimum of 6 students is required and each student should receive at least 8 hours of training in the
Spring semester of 2013 calendar year. Each school should reserve at least two tennis courts for the program. The school and its coaching staff assume the full responsibility of the students’ safety; WACTA is not responsible for the safety of the students.

Proposal Preparation: Complete applications form and have it signed by the organizer and the principal of the school. A summary of your teaching program could be included (optional).

Evaluation Criteria and Deadlines: Up to ten (10) schools will be chosen based on the merits of the program. Please pay close attention to the instructions for proposal preparation. The proposal should be post marked no later than March 15, 2013 and mailed to Huei-hsiung Yang, 2287 Glenmore Terrace, Rockville, Maryland 20850. The chosen schools will be announced on May 15, 2013.

If you have questions please contact Huei-hsiung Yang (home: 301-279-7286 before 10:00 PM; e-mail: teluhgwy@gmail.com)

WACTA 2013 Annual Banquet

02/03/2013 4:00 pm

Dear WACTA members,

Happy new year to you all! We hope you will have a healthy and happy year of snake.

Thank you all for helping WACTA to have a successful and exciting 2012. Many of you participated in many of the WACTA tournaments. Some of you helped with tennis clinics for children. And new and old members joined us at tennis parties at College Park and Montgomery Tennisplex. We all share the same passion for the great sports of tennis. WACTA is the home for us to share the joy and make friends. We will need your ideas and your help to make WACA even better and to serve all of the members better.

The 2013 WACTA annual banquet will be a great opportunity for you to meet friends off the courts and get your voices heard. This year, the banquet will be held at Tony Lin’s Restaurant (新陶芳) at Rockville (12015 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852) on March 16. The seating will start at 6 PM and the banquet will start at 7 PM. We will share the menu once we have details.

During the banquet, we will also hold the annual election for WACTA board members. If you are interested in serving WACTA, please email president@wacta.org and secretary@wacta.org. We will also set up karaoke equipments at the end of the banquet. Please do prepare to showcase your singing talent at the time.

Please remember to reserve your seat by emailing president@wacta.org and secretary@wacta.org. Look forward to seeing many of you at the banquet.

James Liu,
President, WACTA

2013 CyberData Cup Men's Doubles Tournament

01/10/2013 8:44 pm
01/23/2013 11:59 pm

January 26, 2013, Four Season's Tennis Club

CyberData Cup Men's Double Sponsored by CyberData Technologies

  • WACTA Members only. Non member can still register and become member on tournament day (subject to WACTA's by-law)
  • Men's double, on combined level: 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, and 9.0+
  • Don't have a partner? Register as individual and we will try to pair you a partner
  • Registration fee is $20 per person, due at check in time on the tournament day
  • A dinner box will be served to each participant. Additional dinner box may be purchased at $5 each.

  • WACTA reserves the right to cancel or combine any groups due to insufficient registrations. Please note there is a $50 no-show fee. For any reasons, if you could not make it after registered yourself, please find a sub or notify tournament director before deadline. Please direct all questions to Tournament Director, Xiaohui Xu, at cyberdatacup@wacta.org.

    To register, please submit your registration by clicking on the link below. You will receive a confirmation email immediately. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please contact tournament director, Xiaohui Xu, at cyberdatacup@wacta.org.

  • Registration closed on January 23rd, 2013.

  • Please check the attached spreadsheet for your court schedule and assignment

  • Please Login to see applicants.
  • Results

  • Division

    Men 6.5

    Men 7.5

    Men 8.5

    Men 9.0+


    Timothy Yao / Kevin Zhang

    Jeff Xia / Ritchie Liu

    Junkang Huang / Xiaofeng Ou

    Victor Wu [Weimin] / Wei Xiao

    2nd place

    Jack Ding (Shujun) / John Xu

    Shan Jiang [江山] / Daniel Huang

    Yan Cheng / Li Wang

    James Liu [JunZhe] / Ken Chen

    3rd place

    Jin Li / Steven Huang

    Richard Wang / Jim Liu [Jian]

    Steven Ting [丁昌永] / Stanley Ting [丁勤恆]

    4th place

    John Xiang / John Sun

    2012-2013 WACTA Team Tennis Series (TTS)

    10/06/2012 7:00 pm
    02/24/2013 12:00 pm

    WACTA 2011-2012 Team Tennis Series (TTS) will be held at the Four Seasons Tennis Club on the following dates: Oct 6, Nov 10, Dec 8, Jan 12, and Feb 23 (final). This event will accept 8 teams. Each team competes in 5 doubles matches in each tournament. Each doubles pair will play against 3 other pairs in a round-robin format for 2.5 hour court time (12 games per match) in each tournament. The 5 pairs of doubles are: 1) Women, 2) Mixed, 3) Men, 4) Open-I, and 5) Open-II (See bellows link for RULES for details). This is a WACTA members-only event.

    Here's the registered teams and Captains for 2012-2013 season. Please contact the captain in order to join their team:
    The Breakers--Chris Lu; Dominion Travelers--Jim Liu; Hope--Shengbao Qiu; MidDay--Guangyuan Hu; ECS--Hsukwang Hwang; Racqueteers--Ben Sun; Merrylander--Shujiang Wang; TopSpin--Steven Ting.

    This event is a social-competition series event similar to the other popular WACAT ladder tournaments. The registration fee is just $20 per player per indoor tournaments. It includes tennis matches, dinner boxes, souvenirs and awards. If you enjoy social and competition tennis, come and join this event. Please direct all questions to Tournament Director Ken Chen and David Zhang at "tts@wacta.org".

    Court Assignment

      Court 1 & 2Court 3 & 4Court 5 & 6Court 7 & 8Court 9 & 10
    07:00 - 09:30PM
    B League
    09:30 - 12:00PM
    A League

    Teams Seeding/Results after Oct 6 Match
    Latest Team Standing Captain TTS-1 (10/6/2012)
    TTS-2 (11/10/2012)
    TTS-3 (12/8/2012)
    TTS-4 (1/12/2013)
    Final (2/23/2013)
    Merrylander Shujiang Wang 33 32 29 36 31
    The Breakers Chris Lu 24 28 37 18 25
    Racqueteers Ben Sun 26 23 30 28 24
    Hope Shengbao Qiu 25 29 18 29 20
    Dominion Travelers
    Jim Liu 16 25 16 24 23
    Steven Ting 18 16 20 19 23
    MidDay Guangyuan Hu 25 19 20 18 22
    ECS Hsukwang Hwang 12 8 9 8 12

  • Rules & Format

  • Teams' Roster
  • 2012 WACTA Singles Tournament

    07/19/2012 9:23 pm
    08/12/2012 11:59 pm

    Four Seasons Tennis Club
    08/18/2021 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    WACTA will host 2012 Singles Tournament on Saturday August 18 at the Four Seasons Tennis Club from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. This tournament is open to members only, qualifications and rules are described in WACTA website. To register, please click on the registration link below, you will receive a confirmation email immediately. If you don't receive a confirmation within two days, please contact tournament director at singles2012@wacta.org. The tournament director for singles tournament is Jing Gu. Registration deadline is August 12th and registration fee, $25 per person, is paid when you check in. Lunch boxes will be served on Saturday, August 20th. Tournament Rule is attached below.

  • Registration closed on August 12th, 2012.

  • Please Login to see applicants.
  • 2012 Singles Rule

  • Result

  • Division

    Women 3.0

    Women 3.5

    Women 4/0


    Victoria Yang


    Helen Zhao


    Men 3.0

    Men 3.5

    Men 4.0

    Men 4.5


    Jie Hao Tom Lin Justin Sun Steven Ting

    2nd place

    Arno Chang Hung Phan Steve Tang Len Tran

    3rd place

    Larry Xing Jason Huang Frank Zhu

    4th place

    Mark Nitsche

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