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2014 WACTA Men's Doubles Tournament Results

Men's Doubles Tournament

January 11, 2014

2014 Men's Doubles Tournament Concluded on January 11.

Thirty three doubles teams competed in the 2014 WACTA Men's Doubles tournament, at Four Seasons Tennis Club on January 11, 2014. Champions were crowned after 5 hours of competitive tennis: Don Xu / Kevin Xu (5.5 Group); Lawrence Zhu / Ted Zhou (6.5 Group); Michael Ning / Jonathan Hwang (7.5 Group) and Steven Ting / Stanley Ting (8.5+ Group). The tournament would not have been successful without the excellent organization work by tournament director, Xiaohui Xu. We also want to thank those members who donated their trophies to WACTA trophy recycle program. All trophies for this tournament were from your donations. We are open to accept more donated trophies for the future tournaments.


Winners of 6.5 Group

Champion: Lawrence Zhu / Ted Zhou; Runner Up: Kui Fan / Eric Fan; Third Place: Junkang Huang / Alex Huang; Fourth Place: Xiaofeng Ou / Brandon Ou

7.5 Group Winners

Champion: MIchael Ning / Jonathan Hwang; Runner Up: Chris Kong / Hua Jin; Third Place: Peter Zhao / David Tang; Fourth Place: Liangshou Wu / Harry Du.

8.5+ Group Winners

Champion: Steven Ting / Stanley Ting; Runner Up: John Lin / David Cheung; Third Place: Frank Zhu / Xayavong Song; Fourth Place: Cliff Liu / Ethan Huang.




2014 WACTA Men's Doubles Tournament

01/11/2014 7:00 pm
01/11/2014 11:59 pm

January 11, 2014, Four Season's Tennis Club

WACTA Men's Doubles Tournament

  • WACTA Members have priority. Non member can still register and become member on tournament day (subject to WACTA's by-law)
  • Non-member can participate in the event if there are available slots. Non-member will also need pay an extra $5 fee.
  • Men's double, on combined level: 5.5, 6.5, 7.5 and 8.5+
  • Don't have a partner? Register as individual and we will try to pair you a partner
  • Registration fee is $15 per person
  • No dinner box will be served.

  • WACTA reserves the right to cancel, combine or add any competition level based on the number of applicants. For any reasons, if you can not make it after having registered for the tournament, please find a sub or notify tournament director before deadline. Please direct all questions to Tournament Director, Xiaohui Xu, at mensdoubles@wacta.org.

    To register, please submit your registration by clicking on the link below. You will receive a confirmation email immediately. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please contact tournament director, Xiaohui Xu, at mensdoubles@wacta.org.

  • Registration closed. All 32 slots are filled. If you wish to be put on waiting list, please email tournament director at mensdoubles@wacta.org. Thank you.

  • Please Login to see applicants.
  • 2013-2014 Team Tennis Series Results

    WACTA 2013-2014 Team Tennis Series (TTS) will be held at the Four Seasons Tennis Club on the following dates: Oct 05, Nov 09, Dec 07, Jan 25, and Feb 22 (final). This event will accept 8 teams. Each team competes in 4 doubles matches in each tournament. Each doubles pair will play against 3 other pairs in a round-robin format for 2.5 hour court time (12 games per match) in each tournament. The 4 pairs of doubles are: 1) Women's, Men's, 3) Open-I, and 4) Open-II.

    Registered teams and Captains for 2013-2014 season:
    The Breakers--David Cheung; Dominion Travelers--Jim Liu/Jesse Xie; Hope--David Zhang; MidDay--Li Wang; ECS--Hsukwang Hwang; Smile&Smash--Jerry Kuo; Merrylander--Shujiang Wang; TopSpin--Jeff Zhang.

    Results and Standing
    Team Captain TTS-1 (10/05/2013) TTS-2 (11/09/2013) TTS-3 (12/07/2013) TTS-4 (01/25/2014) Seasonal Total Final (2/22/2014)
    Hope - Division A Champion David Zhang 24 28 26 26 104 27
    Merrylander Shujiang Wang 22 26 23 25 96 20
    Dominion Travelers
    Jim Liu / Jesse Xie 18 10 21 18 67 17
    The Breakers David Cheung 14 25 19 18 76 16
    Midday - Division B Champion Li Wang 14 16 12 22 64 21
    Jeff Zhang 16 16 15 18 65 17
    ECS Hsukwang Hwang 19 10 16 11 56 15
    Smile&Smash Jerry Kuo 15 13 12 6 46 10

    2013 WACTA Minor League Team Tournament Concludes

    Minor League Tournament

    October 26, 2013

    First Annual WACTA Minor League Team Tournament Concluded on October 26

    Four jonior teams and four adult teams competed in the first annual WACTA Minor League Team Tournament. As a complementary event to the famous WACTA Team Tennis Series, the Minor League tournament attracted more than 30 junior and adult players.

    Junior Players

    All the kids had a fun evening. After competing hard on the court, they enjoyed cookies, chips, fruits and halloween treats. A few of them also helped making lemonade for the rest of us. Special thanks to team captains for organizing the teams, and providing court-side coaching: Jeff Zhu; Lindi Wang; Xiaofeng Ou; Li Wang; Vincent Pang.

    Junior Champions

    Do you know that Pandas can fly? The Flying Panda was certainly flying high on the night. They beat all the other three teams, including the equally strong Rainbow Unicorns, to clinch the championship. The team was captained and coached by Jeff Zhu (left) and Lindi Wang (not in photo). Team members are (from left to right): Ted Zhou; Daniel Wen; Lawrence Zhu and Jackie Zhu.

    Adult Champions

    The adults enjoyed their night too. Players from Rockville and Herndon Hope Chinese schools, as well as students in the WACTA tennis clinics loved the event and wanted to do it again. The Weekend Aces, captained by Dan Yu, outplayed the other teams to bring home the championship trophy. The Weekend Aces team members (from right to left): Dan Yu; Chris Ji; Liufang Qin; Kevin Hou. We want to thank all the team captains for their efforts in managing their teams and helping make the event a success: Dan Yu; Hong Zhang; Jeff Gu; Alan Leung; Eugene Wang.


    Photo Credit


    All pictures are kindly provided by Xiaodong Xu, who is both an adult player and father of junior player, Kevin Xu. For more pictures taken by Xiaodong for this tournament, please go to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/98457638@N05/sets/72157637085117775/ 



    USTA D&I Art and Essay Contest

    USTA Mid-Atlantic's Diversity and Inclusion Committee is sponsoring an Art and Essay Contest for the groups of (1) K to 3rd grade and (2) 4th to 8th grade. Please see attached PDF file for details. The deadline of submission is Nov. 4, 2013. Certification and prize will be awarded to first and second place winners in each age group and each contest.

    First Annual WACTA "Minor League" Team Tournament‏

    10/26/2013 7:00 pm
    10/26/2013 11:59 pm

    Dear Members and Friends,

    Many of you may already know that we started our annual Team Tennis Series (TTS) last Saturday. While the TTS has attracted many good players to compete at a relatively higher level, we want to also provide playing opportunities to players who are not ready to participate in TTS. Hence, the new "Minor League" Team Tournament.

    Some questions and answers about this tournament:

    What is "Minor League" Team Tournament?
    It's a team-based tournament that resembles the popular Team Tennis Series, with slightly modified format. There will be a Junior tournament for players under the age of 14, and an adult tournament. The purpose of the tournament is to provide beginner-to-intermediate players an opportunity to compete with people at similar skill level, and to make friends with fellow tennis fans in the WACTA community.

    When and where is the tournament?
    Saturday October 26, 2013. Junior tournament runs from 7 PM to 9:30 PM. Adult tournament runs from 9:30 PM to midnight. As other WACTA tennis tournaments, it's hosted at Four Seasons Tennis Club in Merrifield, VA.

    Who qualifies to play in this tournament?
    For the junior tournament, anyone meeting the following criteria:
    (1) age 14 and below.
    (2) Has not been on any TTS team roster.
    (3) With a WACTA rating (or self-rating if does not have WACTA rating) of 3.5 or below.

    For the adult tournament, anyone meeting the following criteria:
    (1) Has not been on any TTS team roster.
    (2) With a WACTA rating (or self-rating if does not have WACTA rating) of 3.5 or below.

    How many teams will compete in the tournament?
    Four junior teams and four adult teams.

    What is the format of the tournament?
    (1) Four teams play round robin matches. Each team will play against the other three teams once.
    (2) Each team match consists of two individual doubles matches: Open 1 and Open 2. An "Open" doubles match means the doubles team can be two male, two female, or one male and one female player.
    (3) Each individual match will be in 12-game no-ad format.
    (4) Detailed tournament rules will be published and distributed.

    How are the teams formed?
    We encourage players to from teams among themselves. Teams will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. To register your team, email secretary@wacta.org with the following information. We also encourage parents to captain junior teams.
    (1) Team Name
    (2) Captain information: name, email address, cell phone number.
    (3) Indicate whether it's a junior team or an adult team.

    How many players do I need if I want to captain a team?
    Minimum of four (4) players, and maximum of eight (8) players. Teams are allowed to switch players after each match. If you don't have enough players, we will try our best to help you recruit for your team.

    I want to participate, but I don't have a team. How can I find a team to join?
    Email secretary@wacta.org, with some basic information of yourself (gender, age, self-assessed skill level, etc.), and we will forward your information to team captains. Since there are limited number of teams accepted, and limited number of players on each team, we cannot guarantee that everyone will be accepted by a team

    Are there rewards for the winning teams?
    In addition to bragging rights, the winning team in each tournament (Junior and Adult) will get to take home the championship cup for one year. The cups are to be returned to WACTA and to be passed onto next year's winning teams.

    Who are the ideal participants for this tournament?
    (1) Students currently or previously enrolled in WACTA tennis clinics
    (2) Students who had taken classes in Chinese Schools and have been practicing with friends.
    (3) Anyone who wants to improve their skills and gain match-play experience, and at the same time enjoy an energetic and friendly tennis environment.

    What is the cost of this tournament?
    Registration fee is $60 per team. Since this is a WACTA event benefitting its members, an extra $5 will be charged for each non-member player. Non-member players can choose to join WACTA if they meet WACTA membership requirements (see WACAT website for membership details: http://www.wacta.org/home/membershipview).

    I hope I have covered the basic information on this tournament. If you have any additional question, please feel free to email me at secretary@wacta.org. Please help spread the word by forwarding this email to people you think may be interested.

    Thank you,

    Jing Gu
    Executive Secretary, WACTA.org

    2013-2014 WACTA Team Tennis Series (TTS)

    02/22/2014 7:00 pm

    The annual Team Tennis Series will kick off on Saturday, October 5 at Four Seasons Tennis Club. Eight teams will compete for the championship trophy and bragging rights:
    Merrylander (Initial seeding: A1)
    The Breaker (Initial seeding: A2)
    Hope (Initial seeding: A3)
    Dominion Travelers (Initial seeding: A4)
    Topspin (Initial seeding: B1)
    MidDay (Initial seeding: B2)
    ECS (Initial seeding: B3)
    Smile&Smash (Initial seeding: B4)

    Group B starts at 7 PM while Group A starts at 9:30 PM.

    A few important changes:
    1. Mixed doubles are removed from the format, leaving it with four matches: Women's Doubles, Men's Doubles, Open I and Open II Doubles.

    2. Rule #10 under the section "USTA Rules":
    "If you call a ball out and then realize it was good during serving a ball, the point should be awarded to your opponent."

    3. No dinner boxes will be provided. Fees are adjusted accordingly ($15 per player per match).

    Please see attached document (http://wacta.org/home/sites/default/files/TTS2013.doc) for TTS procedures and rules.

    WACTA Tennis Clinics

    01/11/2014 7:00 pm

    Based on the success of last summer's tennis clinics program, WACTA will continue to offer clinics in the upcoming fall and winter seasons. We will be offering the following classes: 10-and-Under Kids; Young Adult (10-and above); Adult I and Adult II. Adult II (Adult Intermediate) is a new class specifically designed for adults who have taken our clinics in the summer and want to continue to improve their skills. A waiting list will be created for those who want to take Adult II but didn't attend the summer program.
    All classes consist of six sessions on the following dates (all Saturdays): 10/05/2013, 11/09/2013, 12/07/2013, 01/11/2014, 01/25/2014 and 02/22/2014. Kids and Young Adult classes start at 7 pm while Adult classes start at 9:30 pm. All classes are hosted at Four Seasons Tennis Club in Merrifield, VA (I-495 and route 50). The price is $60 per person for members, and $90 for non-members. In order to maintain the high quality of WACTA clinics program, we have strict upper limit on class sizes. If you or your child want to take advantage of this offer, we encourage you to register as soon as you can. To register, please email secretary@wacta.org and include the following information:
    - Name
    - Gender
    - Age (for Kids and Young Adults)
    - Class you want to register
    - If you are a WACTA member

    WACTA boasts a group of highly-experienced tennis coaches who are committed to provide excellent instructions for players at all levels and all ages. If any of our members is interested in joining our coach team, will contact me at secretary@wacta.org. We are also in the process of initiating a USPTA certification program to help more of our coaches to be USPTA certified (more details to come).

    2013 WACTA Family Summer Camp Recap

    President Ken Chen's recap of 2013 WACTA Summber Family Camp at Wintergreen Resort:

    Dear Friends,

    Our first summer camp at Wintergreen was a great success! We all had great times, the whether, the air, the mountain, the lake, the picnic, the zip-line, the volleyball games, hiking, swimming, tubing, rock-climbing, Spa, hot tub, golf and, of course, tennis,

    We had the most fun with the beach volleyball, which reminded us of our college days. Almost everyone participated in the game. After three hours of match, team from David Zhang's house won the championship. Kids seem really like the volleyball. They played two matches on their own. All of them them got a nice suntan.

    The summer camp doubles tournament had 12 teams and competed for two days. The championship match between Jeff Zhu/ Richard Wang and Peiyi Liu / James Liu was breathtaking, James' powerful serve, Richard's top-spin lop, Jeff's lightening forehand shot, Peiyi's impossible save, long rallies and smart drop shots made us watching on side felt like in the first row of Roland Garros. Eventually the championship was won by James and Peiyi. Bill and John Qu beat Shujiang Wang / Kevin Zhan to win the third place.

    Many of us have also experience cloud tennis! While we were in the playoffs of the camp tournament on Saturday, patches of cloud suddenly descended from the trees, gradually filled up the tennis courts and transformed the surrounding into a fantasy world. The balls became heavier and disappeared into the air. We were surprised but very excited.

    Many parents followed Linda to Wintergreen Winery where they tasted eight different wines and bought many bottles they liked,
    Kids at all age had fun the day at the Discovery Ridge, Not only young kids enjoyed the zip-lone, tubing and rock climbing, older kids like James Liu, Ken Chen , Shujiang Wang, Richard Wang, Hong Zhang, Iris Fan, and Jie Shen all got excited with them too. Jie rode the zip-line four times, probably the most among all kids,

    John Xiang led a few golf lover on the green for Friday. , They practiced at the drive range all day Saturday with unlimited balls for just $15. What a steal!

    Jim Wang lead a group of four families to a hiking trail on Sunday. It's mile long round trip down the hill to a waterfall. Once we got into the woods, something deeply hidden in my body was revived. I wish I brought a book so that I can read it by the small creek or brought cards so that we can play on the stone by the creek, According the Jim, it was the easiest trail, but it was still hard on us. Like little Brian said " Mom, hiking make me sweet more "

    Wintergreen has so much to offer, we hardly enjoyed half of them. Many of you have told us that the three-day camp is too short and want to come back next year. We'll definitely try to organize another one next year and will keep everyone living close to each other.
    Jeff Zhang have posted many photos to WACTA page on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/wacta/. Please take a look and let Jeff Zhang know if you want a copy. You are also welcome to share your pictures there.

    Finally, We'd like to thank Yu Zhang for directing the volleyball tournament, Linda Zhang for leading the wine tasting, Jame Liu for the fun at the Discovery ridge, John Xiang for golf group and Jim Wang for hiking tour. Our camp can't be successful without those volunteers,


    Mindy, Jing and Ken

    2013 WACTA Tennis Social II

    06/29/2013 7:00 pm
    06/29/2013 11:59 pm

    After our first Tennis Social event on May 11, a lot of people expressed desire to participate in events like this. We are organizing a second social tennis event on Saturday June 29.
    There will be two 2-hour sessions: 7:00PM - 9:00PM and 9:00PM - 11:00PM, with free play during the hour of 11:00PM - midnight for all participants.
    Tennis is a sport that also promotes family values as well as friendships. We strongly encourage family members and friends to form doubles teams and come to play at our social events together. In the on-going Ladder Tournament, there are many parent-child combinations. We would love to see you at our social event too. And we would love to see more husband/wife as well as sister/brother teams. Because of this, we have modified the registration form to support registration as a team. Of course, you can also sign up as individual player, and there will be plenty of friends to partner with you.

    To register, please go to: http://www.wacta.org/home/2013_Tennis_Social_2. Registration fee is $15 per person due at check-in.
    Should you have any questions, please email event director Iris Fan at socialtennis@wacta.org
    Deadline for registration is Wednesday, June 26.

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