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USTA Mid-Atlantic Art, Photo & Essay Contest

Art Contest*

Q: How do you find yourself in the game of tennis? Students should answer this question by mailing original artwork and entry form to:

Attn: Catalina Isaza-Brockland

Photo Contest*

Q: How do you find yourself in the game of tennis? Students should submit their own original photograph and entry form to Catalina at catamas2013@gmail.com

Essay Contest*

Q: How do you find yourself in the game of tennis? Students should submit a 300-500 word essay and entry form to Catalina at catamas2013@gmail.com

Entry Deadline:
All entries must be received/postmarked no later than October 30, 2014

Questions? Contact Catalina at catamas2013@gmail.com or 703-556-6120 x7004.

2014 WACTA Member Rating Adjustment

WACTA Rating Committee has recommended the following rating adjustments (attached: http://wacta.org/home/sites/default/files/2014_Rating_Adjustment.xls), which was subsequently approved by WACTA Board of Directors on Augusts 30, 2014. The new ratings will be effective on October 1, 2014, and will be reflected in the system by then. The 2014-2015 Team Tennis Series will be based on the new ratings.

Please also note that you can request a rating adjustment at any time, and for both directions (up or down).

2014 WACTA Mixed Doubles Tournament

09/13/2014 7:00 pm

WACTA is hosting the 2014 Mixed Doubles Tournament on Saturday, September 13, 2014 at Four Seasons Tennis Club.

This tournament is open to members only. However, a WACTA member may bring a non-member as his/her partner. (The non-member partner does not have to be Chinese. If the non-member guest has a USTA NTRP rating, that rating will be used as WACTA rating. Otherwise, a self-rating will be accepted for the first tournament s/he participates in. WACTA reserves the right to adjust his/her rating based on his/her tournament performance). To register, please submit your registration by clicking the registration link below. You will receive a confirmation email immediately. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please contact tournament director Mr. Gary Wang by email. Please specify your combined competition level (for example, WACTA 6.5, 7.5, 8.0, or 8.5). If you don't have a partner, you can still register and we will try to find you one. A registration of two people as a team has priority over separate registrations of two individuals who need an assigned partner.

Registration deadline is Wednesday, September 10, 2014 and registration fee, $20 per person (WACTA members enjoy a $5 discount), is due when you check in for the tournament on 9/13/2014. WACTA reserves the right to cancel or combine any groups due to insufficient registrations.

  • Registration closed. Please contact tournament director if you have any question.

  • Please Login to see applicants.
  • 2014 Multi-School Alumni Association (2014 台灣各大學校友端午網球聯誼)




    7:00pm- Midnight
    Saturday, June 7, 2014
    Four Seasons Tennis Club
    3010 Williams Drive (now Eskridge
    Road), Fairfax, VA22031
    Game Participants: $20
    Non-Game Participants: $10
    Children under 5: Free

    主辦單位:台大校友會 NTUAA-DC
    成大校友會 NCKUAA-DC
    輔大校友會 FJUDCAA
    淡江校友會 TAMKANGAA
    協辦單位:北醫校友會 NATMUAA
    東海校友會 TUNGHAIAA

    If you have any comments or questions, please contact
    Charles Kuo at kuomovi@gmail.com or NTUAADC at ntuaadc@yahoo.com.
    Thank you.

    2014 WACTA Family Summer Camp at Wintergreen Resort

    06/26/2014 4:00 pm
    06/29/2014 11:00 am

    Backed by popular support, this year’s WACTA family tennis camp will again be held at the Wintergreen Resort, VA from Thursday, June 26th through Sunday, June 29th.

    Wintergreen Resort is located in central Virginia adjacent to the Blue Ridge Parkway, about 3 hours of driving from DC area. It is ranked as one of the top 10 tennis resorts/academies in the world by TennisResortOnline.com. There are many amenities in and around the resort, including full-service, mountaintop spa and gym, hiking, golf, fly fishing, swimming, mountain biking, beach volleyball, zip line, wine tasting, a variety of enticing dining options and much more. Please visit http://www.wintergreenresort.com/ for more details.

    We’ll be staying in multi-units condos and homes. Each room allows two adults or a family of three. There are a few restaurants at the resort and they are pretty good. If you want explore the local food outside the resort, you probably have to travel 30 minutes. If you prefer cook yourself, all homes and condos have full kitchens.

    As usual, WACTA summer camp will include tennis clinic, tournament, beach party and other fun activities. The tennis clinic will be provided by the award-winning Wintergreen resort academy. All instructors are USPTA certified teaching professionals. WACTA will organize group clinics based on the interests instead of offering prepackaged tennis programs. Please indicate your interest and skill level on the application form. Participation fees for those clinics will be collected at check-in.

    CHECK IN: Thursday, June 26, after 4 pm
    CHECK OUT: Sunday, June 29, by 11 am

    COST: $420 /room including lodging, registration, T-shirts and, beach party, court time and tennis tournaments (Tennis clinics have separated charges). Please make your check payable to WACTA, and mail to:

    WACTA Summer Family Camp 2014
    c/o Jie Shen
    P.O. Box 771 McLean, VA 22101

    REGISTRATION: Email the completed registration form to Jie Shen at jies_99@yahoo.com
    and send in your check as specified above. Spaces are limited. Please register immediately by 5/12/2014.

    CANCELLATION. You may cancel the registration before 6/1/2014 with a $50 cancellation fee. Cancellation fee is $200 if cancelled between 6/1 – 6/13, and the checks are non-refundable after 6/13/2014. Please forward your written cancellation to Jie Shen at jies_99@yahoo.com

    2014 CapStar Summer Ladder Tournament

    Location and Dates:
    Four Seasons Tennis Club
    05/17/2014 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM
    06/14/2014 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM
    07/12/2014 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM
    08/09/2014 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM

    We are very excited to kick off the 2014 CapStar Summer Ladder Tournament on Saturday, May 17. Over the years, this summer ladder tournament has become extremely popular among our members. Its success could not be achieved without the generous sponsorship from CapStar Commercial Realty, nor the support and participation of our members.

    There will be four indoor tournaments for this year's summer ladder series on the following dates (all Saturdays): 5/17/2014, 6/14/2014, 7/12/2014 and 8/09/2014. The first three indoor tournaments will allow teams to move up and down the ladder based on their match results, while the last tournament will decide each team's final standing within the division.

    In between the indoor tournaments, all teams are encouraged to challenge other teams and accept as many challenges as possible from other teams. Teams must play at least one (1) challenge match, as the challenging team, between the completion of first tournament on 5/17/2014 and the start of the third tournament on 7/12/2014. Any team failed to meet this requirement will be treated as a "disqualified" team in the final tournament*. Scores of challenge matches played between 5/17 and 7/12 will be recognized as official results and will be factored into the rankings for the next tournament. For details, please refer to the attached tournament rules.

    A maximum of 40 doubles teams (80 players total) will be accepted to participate in the tournament. A doubles team can be of any combination of gender, age and skill levels. As always, in case of registrants overflow, a team of two players has the priority over individual player looking for a partner.

    The tournament is open to public. The tournament fee is $80. WACTA members enjoy a $20 discount (hence $60 for the whole series). Dinner box is not included.
    Elaina Rao has graciously agreed to serve as tournament director for this series. Anyone who has directed this tournament would know that the workload for TD are very high. To make our TDs' lives easier, please read, understand and follow the tournament rules. At the same time, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email capstarladder@wacta.org.

    Registration and Participants List:
    To register for 2014 CapStar Summer Ladder Tournament, please click here.
    The deadline for registration is midnight Sunday, May 4.
    Please Login to see participants.


    三月九號(星期天),大華府地區華人網球協會(華網)在馬裡蘭的新財神酒家舉行了每年一度的年會, 總干事顧京先生(Jing Gu)主持了這次年會。 會上選舉產生了新一屆協會負責人。 現任會長陳顯川先生(Ken Chen)眾望所歸,再次當選為新一屆的會長。陳會長並任命顧京先生繼續擔任華網總干事。會議同時提名多位理事會成員人選。

    兩位特邀嘉賓,USTA華府地區的代表Alex Chan,以及多年長期為華網提供經濟贊助的林邦夫(John Lin) 先生在會上發了言。鼓勵華網繼續推動網球運動在華人社區的普及和發展。並為華網的進一步發展獻計獻策。大華府地區華人網球協會不斷增長離不開USTA和John Lin先生的鼎力支持。

    陳顯川會長回顧了大華府華人網球協會這一年來主持舉辦的各種網球活動。在過去的一年裡,華府華人網球協會除了組織舉辦各種高水平網球比賽之外,為了吸引更多的華人參與網球運動,協會增加很多初級和中級水平的網球賽事。 並且組織了多次對初學網球的愛好者的培訓。 網球協會非常重視對華人孩子的網球愛好,組織了多場由少年參加的網球比賽。同時由華網選派的兩支球隊在2013 華府地區ASIAN GAMES 中勇奪冠亞軍, 顯示了華人網球的實力.

    會上頒發了年度的網球團體系列賽(WACTA Team Tennis Series)冠軍獎杯。2013-2014年度的冠軍分別由張光生(David Zhang) 的Hope (A組)和王力的Midday(B組)獲得。 今年的新獎杯上刻有冠軍球隊隊名及隊長的名字。我們期待著將來有更多的球隊把他們的名字留在冠軍獎杯上。

    與會嘉賓一邊品嘗美酒美食,一邊暢談回顧過去一年的友情。晚會並安排了抽獎以及歌唱表演等多項活動。除各種華網紀念品外,華網理事張智豐(Jeff Zhang), 丁昌永(Steven Ting), 顧京 和陳顯川准備了多份精美禮品贈予幸運中獎者。歌唱表演則把晚會推向了高潮. 張光生一曲“甘洒熱血寫春秋”慷慨激昂,引來陣陣喝彩的同時,也讓眾多高手躍躍欲試,紛紛上台獻技。Tina Kao 和 Alice Wu 等四位女士的“甜蜜蜜”溫柔婉轉; Andrew Lai 的"祝酒歌”則讓大家不禁舉杯痛飲。歌聲,笑聲,掌聲,一個快樂美好的夜晚很快就要過去,難怪胡光遠先生忍不住用他的歌喉感嘆“時間都去了哪兒?”。在”難忘今宵”的旋律裡,大家互道珍重,並相約明年再會。

    For 2014 WACTA Banquet pictures, please go to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/98457638@N05/sets/72157642217091173/

    目前華府華人網球協會已經發展成了一個有上千名會員組成的非營利組織, 希望無論是初學網球還是經常從事網球活動的華人與大華府地區華人網球協會聯系,參與這項陽光健康的運動。 如有相關的問題,請EMAIL: secretary@wacta.org, 或者登錄:wacta.org, 查看協會舉辦的各項網球活動。

    2014 Rho Psi Advanced and ProPrep Youth Tennis Scholarship

    Updated May 19, 2014
    Scholarship Winners List:

    Girls Scholarship Winner:
    謝璨伊(Zoe Hsieh): Second Place $400

    Boys Scholarship Winners:
    梁仁傑(Andrew Leung): First Place $600
    周致琨(Ted Zhou): Second Place $400

    ProPrep Scholarship Winner:
    朱玉麟(Evan Zhu): $1000


    Rho-Psi Foundation awards scholarship to advanced Chinese youth tennis players, in the Great Washington Area, who demonstrate outstanding competition results in playing in school teams as well as USTA sponsored tournaments.

    For 2014, four advanced players (two boys and two girls) will be selected by a special committee from WACTA for scholarship. The first girl and boy selected will receive $600 and the second boy and girl will receive $400. We encourage all Chinese players who are still in school (high, middle, or elementary schools). Special consideration will be given to the members of WACTA.

    In addition, Rho-Psi Foundation offers ProPrep awards for promising tennis players who are national ranking and have been chosen to a national training program this year. The applicants have to demonstrate the capability and desire to become professional players. The winner will receive up to $2,000 of scholarship.
    Please see the attached document for application form.

    Rho Psi Grant for Tennis Program at Chinese Schools

    Background: Rho-Psi Foundation, Inc. provides funding to the Washington Area Chinese School for introducing and teaching tennis to Chinese youth who are new to the sport of tennis. Rho-Psi Foundation, Inc. asks WACTA working together to solicit interested Chinese schools in the Greater Washington DC areas to submit applications for funding.

    Eligibility: Any registered Chinese school in the Greater Washington DC area is invited to apply for the grant. Each school can only apply for one grant for this proposal.

    Grant Amount: Each chosen school will receive a grant in the amount of $400 for the Spring semester of 2014 calendar year. Ten (10) schools will be chosen. The funding can be used to pay for any expenses related to the program, such as fee for the coaches; purchases of tennis balls, rackets, and other training equipment.

    Requirements: Formal tennis instructor for beginners is required. A minimum of 6 students is required and each student should receive at least 8 hours of training in the
    Spring semester of 2014 calendar year. Each school should reserve at least two tennis courts for the program. The school and its coaching staff assume the full responsibility of the students’ safety; WACTA is not responsible for the safety of the students.

    Proposal Preparation: Complete applications form and have it signed by the organizer and the principal of the school. A summary of your teaching program could be included (optional).

    Evaluation Criteria and Deadlines: Up to ten (10) schools will be chosen based on the merits of the program. Please pay close attention to the instructions for proposal preparation. The proposal should be post marked no later than March 15, 2014 and mailed to Huei-hsiung Yang, 2287 Glenmore Terrace, Rockville, Maryland 20850. The chosen schools will be announced on April 15, 2014 .

    If you have questions please contact Huei-hsiung Yang (home: 301-279-7286 before 10:00 PM; e-mail: teluhgwy@gmail.com)

    Please see the attached document for application form.

    Rho Psi 2014 Junior Summer Camp Scholarship

    Thanks to the continuing support from the Rho Psi Foundation Inc, WACTA is offering the 2014 Junior Intermediate Programs for the tenth consecutive year. Intermediate players are those who can serve, keep accurate scores, and play out complete matches.

    Two main venues are currently being considered for this program:

    First venue will be held in at the Jack Shore Junior Program at Regency Sport & Health, McLean Virginia. The estimated cost for this camp is $360. The registration information can obtain in this website. Summer Camp

    Second venue will held in at the Jack Shore Junior Program at Montgomery TennisPlex located on Germantown, Maryland. The estimated cost for Jack Shore Junior Program at Montgomery TennisPlex is $300. The registration information can obtain in this website.

    The qualified recipients for this award are limited, total of 30 youngster and will be based on first come first selected. If there are still more empty seat, some youngster goes to other tennis camp, i.e., Adidas Tennis Camp at Virginia Tennis Camps in the Madeira School located on McLean, VA, Adidas Tennis Camp at University of Maryland Baltimore County located near Baltimore and others will be considered.

    All the qualified students, age between 10 and 16, will get scholarship from Rho Psi Foundation Inc. for $100 when he or she completes the training program.

    Please send your registration to the camp site and your application for to Huei-Hsiung Yang, at 2287 Glenmore Terrace, Rockville, Maryland by mail or teluhgwy@gmail.com by e-mail. The application deadline for the junior program is May 1, 2014 The program is designed for intermediate players who are Chinese Americans, born on January 1, 2003 or later but he/she should be 10 year older. Selection criteria will be based on first come first selection, WACTA member, and camp site director. Qualified student will be announced and send to you by e-mail. You should give me your e-mail address and phone number in your application form. If you have any questions, please contact Huei-Hsiung Yang (O) 301-279-7286 or by e-mail. If you are interested, please check WACTA’s website for updates.
    Please see the attached document for the application form.

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