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2013 CapStar Summer Ladder Tournament

08/10/2013 7:00 pm

Location and Dates:
Four Seasons Tennis Club
05/18/2013 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM
06/15/2013 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM
07/13/2013 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM
08/10/2013 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM

We are very excited to kick off the 2013 CapStar Summer Ladder Tournament on Saturday, May 18. Over the years, this summer ladder tournament has become extremely popular among our members. Its success could not be achieved without the generous sponsorship from CapStar, or the support and participation of our members. To thank our sponsor and our members, we will be doing a lottery drawing this year, with the winner receiving a $25 Tennis Warehouse gift card. Please read through for details.

There will be four indoor tournaments for this year's summer ladder series on the following dates (all Saturdays): 5/18/2013, 6/15/2013, 7/13/2013 and 8/10/2013. The first three indoor tournaments will allow teams to move up and down the ladder based on their match results, while the last tournament will decide each team's final standing within the division.

In between the indoor tournaments, all teams are encouraged to challenge other teams and accept as many challenges as possible from other teams. Teams must play at least one (1) challenge match, as the challenging team, between the completion of first tournament on 5/18/2013 and the start of the third tournament on 7/13/2013. Any team failed to meet this requirement will be treated as a "disqualified" team in the final tournament*. Scores of challenge matches played between 5/18 and 7/13 will be recognized as official results and will be factored into the rankings for the next tournament. For details, please refer to the attached tournament rules.

A maximum of 40 doubles teams (80 players total) will be accepted to participate in the tournament. A doubles team can be of any combination of gender, age and skill levels. As always, in case of registrants overflow, a team of two players has the priority over individual player looking for a partner.

There are a few important changes from the previous year in terms of qualifications and tournament fee:
1. The tournament is open to all WACTA members. A WACTA member can also bring a non-member player as his/her partner.
2. The tournament fee is $50 per player for WACTA members, and $60 per player for non-members.
3. Based on feedback from a large number of members, dinner box will NOT be provided throughout this tournament. (Correspondingly, we have reduced the tournament fee by $20).

Marley Zhu and Joan Liu have graciously agreed to serve as tournament directors for this series. Anyone who has directed this tournament would know that the workload for TDs are very high. To make our TDs' lives easier, please read, understand and follow the tournament rules. At the same time, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email them at capstarladder@wacta.org.

Details on lottery drawing:
To recognize the generosity of our sponsor, and the continued support from our members, we are doing a lottery drawing among the participants of this tournament. The winner will receive a $25 Tennis Warehouse gift card from WACTA (gift card donated by Jing Gu). To enter the lottery:
1. register for the tournament;
2. email your answers to the following two questions to secretary@wacta.org
Q1. This summer ladder tournament is sponsored by CapStar. What is the full company name of CapStar?
Q2. Who is the President of CapStar (either English name or Chinese name is accepted)?
All qualified participants with correct answers will have the chance to win. One entry per player please. Deadline for entering the drawing is Friday May 17. Winner will be drawn and announced by tournament directors during the tournament on May 18. Hint: answers can be found on WACTA website

Registration and Participants List:
To register for 2013 CapStar Summer Ladder Tournament, please click here.
The deadline for registration is midnight Sunday, May 12.
Please Login to see participants.

* The only exception to the at-least-one-challenge rule is if a team finishes on top of Division A in both the first and the second tournaments. However, the team is expected to accept challenges from other teams.

  • Result

  • Division A
    Champion 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
    Li Wang/Peiyi Liu John Lin/David Cheung (subbed by MJ Chan) Elaina Rao/Jeff Hsu Shan Jiang/Jerry Yi
    Division B
    Champion 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
    Andrew Hwang / Jonathan Hwang Kelly Chen / Alissa Li Steve Tang / Dan Lam Jelena Liu / Michael Ning (subbed by Kelly Xie)
    Division C
    Champion 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
    Xiaofeng Ou / Brandon Ou Junkang Huang / Alex Huang Gary Lin / Ashley Lin Allen Hwang / Lingtao Yan
    Division D
    Champion 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
    Nanpeng Chen / Claire Chen Peter Zhao / Katie Zhao David Liu / Samuel Liu Xiaodong Xu / Kevin Xu
    Most Improved Team
    Kelly Chen and Alissa Li

    2013CapStarSummerLadderTournamentRules.doc64 KB

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